Race Sundays on 3rd, 10th and 17th February It is almost unbelievable that the appeal of the White Turf as the ultimate winter sporting and social event could be enhanced further. However, this is what will happen! In 2013, an even more enthralling programme awaits active sportsmen and racing enthusiasts at the international horse races on ice. Currently, we already have a large number of entries for the Gübelin 74th Grand Prix of St. Moritz’, the most lucrative race in Switzerland, with prize money of 135,135 Swiss francs.  ‘Next year, the international horse races on ice will focus on the great variety and fascination of well-bred race horses’, explains Silvio M. Staub, President & CEO of the White Turf Racing Association (WTRA), describing the concept of the approaching racing events and the fringe programme on 3rd, 10th and 17thFebruary. Essential components are new as well as carefully selected cooperation agreements that Silvio Staub and the White Turf Management Board have promoted during the current year, and concluded with sustainable results.Enrichment with new cooperations

First of all on a local level, a cooperation agreement was recently concluded with the renowned Gut Clinic in St. Moritz to ensure medical assistance from a team of specialists available on the race Sundays. On the other hand, the international character of the St. Moritz horse races is once again underlined by the cooperation with three foreign race sport partners: traditionally with the Mauritius Turf Club, and since last year with the Berlin-Hoppegarten racecourse, and – brand new – with the Ippodromo Paolo VI in Taranto, Italy. The latter is where the Ladies Harness-racing World Cup took place on 15th September of this year under the patronage of White Turf. On the same day, in parallel to this event, a ‘Grand Prix White Turf St. Moritz’ was held for the second time in Berlin-Hoppegarten. ‘All partners can benefit from one another – in race sporting terms as well as in cultural and tourism promoting terms’, says Silvio M. Staub. As a matter of fact, the White Turf spectators can look forward to the ‚Grand Prix Berlin-Hoppegarten race’, taking place in St. Moritz for the second time on the third race Sunday, 17thFebruary 2013. Fegentri World Cup, prominent Skikjöring, Arab thoroughbred raceFurthermore, the cooperation with Fegentri will be continued. This unique organization with long-standing tradition, offers the opportunity to amateurs from all over the world to compete in international races in 25 countries. The World Cup will take place on the first White Turf race Sunday, 3rdFebruary 2013, with the ‘GP American Airlines Fegentri World Championship for Gentlemen Riders’, over 1,600 meters. ‘We are particularly delighted, as the Fegentri races are especially attractive; allowing the spectators to cheer on their country’s representatives’, says Silvio M. Staub.On the second race Sunday, 10th February 2013, the new mounted celebrity Skikjöring is bound to be entertaining and captivating at the same time. As Mr Staub points out, it will star ‘top race horses and professional jockeys for the first time in St. Moritz’. The race will be organized with the financial support of the two main sponsors, Credit Suisse and BMW (Schweiz) AG, as well as the WTRA. For the time being, the names of the VIPs who will dare to be courageously pulled on skis behind the race horses, remains a surprise. Another highlight of the racing events, on the third race Sunday, 17th February 2013, will be an Arab race of the highest quality, exclusively reserved for Arabian thoroughbreds, and sponsored by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.Still exceptionalIn 2013, White Turf celebrates 107 years of successful existence. The unique combination of captivating trotting and gallop races that alternate on the frozen lake of St. Moritz in a 30-minute rhythm in front of the fantastic backdrop of the Engadine alpine panorama has always attracted horse lovers and race sport professionals from all over the world. Every year, about 35,000 spectators come for the event – as an excursion for the whole family, or to enjoy a glittering venue that forms an integral part of the agenda of many prominent personalities.As such, the Skikjöring races, which cannot be witnessed anywhere else in the world, are among the main crowd-pullers. Daredevil lady and men drivers on skis are pulled by rider-less thoroughbreds galloping on the frozen lake. Unlike riding jockeys, the drivers are only able to control about ten per cent of the horses’ movements over the distance of 2,700 meters! As this requires the horse and the driver to be in excellent physical condition, the participants must present themselves for a check in advance, before the races actually take place. Courageous skills, skiing proficiency and sensitive handling of the horses finally decide who will collect the greatest number of points over the three race Sundays and who can look forward to, besides winning the prize money, being crowned the year’s ‘King of the Engadine’. 

Entertaining experience programme for adults and children

During the intervals between the races, a tent city offers exhibitions and events as well as numerous catering stands and various art, gastronomy and concert displays. A great variety of entertainment is on offer within a space that covers a total area of more than 130,000 square metres on the frozen lake of St. Moritz. Here, White Turf visitors, adults and children, can have eventful, fascinating and delicious experiences that will please all the senses. This is what makes White Turf such a unique all-round experience! ‘Our two longstanding main sponsors, Credit Suisse and BMW (Schweiz) AG, greatly contribute to its realization. They not only make the fringe programme possible financially but also contribute essentially to its specific features’, emphasises Silvio M. Staub.


Good international entry results increase the thrill of anticipation

With total prize money of 448,135 Swiss francs, White Turf offers again in 2013 higher rewards than any other Swiss racing event. The joyful anticipation of all the participants is tremendous. The high international value of the event is demonstrated by the number of entries already received for the ‘Gübelin 74th Grand Prix of St. Moritz (LR)’, the most lucrative race in Switzerland with the legendary prize money of 135,135 Swiss francs, and made possible once again thanks to the sponsors Gübelin and Parmigiani Fleurier. In anticipation, superb and expensive race horses have already been bought for this race. Currently, entry applications have arrived for horses from Switzerland (14), Germany (13), France (2), England (1) and Italy (1).


In preparation for the ‘Gübelin 74th Grand Prix of St. Moritz’, a flat race will take place for the first time over a distance of 1,900 metres on the second race Sunday of 2013. New for this race and the 1,800 metres and 2,000 metres races, the starting line will be on the opposite straight. All races can be followed in detail on a big screen from the stands.


White Turf is one of the ‘Top Events of Switzerland’

The international horse races of St. Moritz globally showcase the attractiveness of modern Switzerland in matters of lifestyle, innovation, ambiance and style. For this reason they have become part of the select circle of ‘Top Events of Switzerland’. Besides the White Turf, this renowned international association includes events such as the Ski World Cup Wengen, the Weltklasse Zurich Meeting, the Montreux Jazz Festival, the Omega European Masters – Crans-Montana, the Lucerne Festival of the Piano, Art Basel and Festival del film Locarno.


With their cultural, linguistic, gastronomic and scenic appeal, these events represent Switzerland in all its impressive variety. The ‘Top Events of Switzerland’ association mainly promotes abroad the image of an innovative country, thanks to synergies of international top events in the areas of culture and sports. With approximately 35,000 visitors every year, and including many guests who stay overnight, White Turf generates a value-added of about 20 million Swiss francs for the Engadine St. Moritz region.




Credit Suisse – Main Sponsor of White Turf

Through its sponsorship commitment, Credit Suisse has been helping to make such unique events as White Turf possible for many years. Credit Suisse supports institutions that demonstrate outstanding achievements in their field and foster values that are in keeping with those of the bank. As with its other commitments, Credit Suisse’s support for the international horse racing event in St. Moritz, which it has been sponsoring since 1977, is aimed at achieving a long-term partnership and involves more than just financial assistance. Sponsorship projects are realized in close cooperation with organizations and event managers. Credit Suisse sees itself as a partner that takes its social responsibility seriously. For this reason, we believe that promoting talented youngsters in both sports and culture is important, and we make it one of the focal points of our sponsorship philosophy. Further information on the numerous sponsorship commitments of Credit Suisse can be found at:


BMW (Schweiz) AG – Main sponsor of White Turf

Thanks to its commitment as a principal sponsor, BMW ensures year after year a successful performance on ice and snow at the White Turf in St. Moritz. Equestrian sports are part of the selected sports events that BMW supports with its sponsoring activities. The support of top performances at the highest level matches the ethos of BMW because as a premium automobile manufacturer, the company offers products to its clients that are renowned throughout the world for their quality and efficiency. Equestrian sports and the BMW brand values share the same essential core attributes of dynamic force, aesthetical sense and performance.
Further information at:



St. Moritz, 10th December 2012

White Turf, a unique, exclusive, top-class event with exciting horse-racing, gourmet catering, lively music and inspiring art exhibitions, all taking place in winter sunshine on the frozen lake among the stunningly beautiful, snow-capped mountains of St Moritz.

This spectacular, major event is not just one with Champagne on ice for the rich and beautiful but an annual event where race-horse owners, trainers and jockeys from all over the world meet up as well as being an unmissable fixture on the calendar for local people.
It is thanks to the sponsors as well as the municipality of St Moritz and the local tourist board, who have been supporting White Turf for decades, to make this top-class race-meeting possible.In addition, members of the organising committee along with their staff and countless volunteers ensure that the 35,000 visitors who attend each of these unique race-meetings on the first three Sundays in February can enjoy a flutter, cheer on the horses they have backed and enjoy top-quality catering in a number of marquees put up specially on the frozen lake.
What is more, visitors have the opportunity of winning holidays in luxury hotels on far-off tropical islands.If you have a passion for racing, or just want to spend an unforgettable day out at a unique event in spectacular winter surroundings, make sure you join us in February in St Moritz.

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